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Post by Tim Bernee on 2011-05-16, 08:53

Creating business cards is not all it is cracked up to be. When people think of business cards, they think of a small piece of paper that gives them information. Many businesses have them, but don't particularly value them, treat them as an opportunity to build a lifelong profitable relationship with a client or customer. In general, people take for granted how much time and effort goes into creating those perfect business cards that will consistently win you the ultra profitable long term business relationships. In general, the only business cards that take a short time to create are those that are unorganized and cheap. They don't win you long term relationships. At best its a thinly veiled attempt to fit in, but not stand out.

There are three steps to creating notable and outstanding business cards. The process of creating business cards is not hard, but does require some time investment.

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