Designing Business Cards - Tips For Graphic Designers

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Designing Business Cards - Tips For Graphic Designers

Post by Tim Bernee on 2011-05-16, 08:52

Are you a graphic designer working hard to excel with your talents, creativity and reputation? Then business card designing is definitely one of your major concerns. In the busy commercial environment today, new businesses are entering the national and international arena every single day. And existing businesses are trying to redesign/reposition their business appeal.

Being creative in designing of a business card is not about knowing a lot about just graphic designing. In addition to your graphic designing expertise, you need to know a lot about the etiquette that dictate the manner in which a business card is designed. To give you some insights, here are some facts... enjoy!

You have to be creative...but you do not have to be too creative. It is important that you design highly pleasing layout on the cards. Nevertheless, there are instances when you may take your creativity very far. No one likes receiving a business card that come in odd shapes or sizes not fitting into their cardholder or Rolodex.

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