The need to protect your website content.

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The need to protect your website content.

Post by VincentMoster on 2011-03-28, 09:36

The content of a website is the most important factor that decides its success. For all the time and efforts you put in to develop quality content, you would expect optimum results. However, you may get a shock when you see the content of your website posted on another site, and that too without your knowledge.
The search engine results of your website get affected as a result of this. Though hackers may be able to get away with your content, here are some tips that will make their task quite difficult.
Copyright the content:
By copyrighting your website, you can protect the content from people who copy it and place it on their websites. Visit the Copyright office website at to register your site there. Make sure you perform this task at the earliest, once the site is completed. You may need to pay some processing fees. Also keep backup files of your website for yourself.
Always insert the copyright tag on all the web pages having the name of your company or website. You will receive a certificate of registration which will enable to sue any person or firm who steals your content and ask for compensation. When you win the case, all the charges for the lawyer and statutory damages can be recovered.
Change the Website code:
This may not be an effective precaution against professional hackers, but it may protect your site from amateur. Remove all unnecessary spaces in the HTML code. This will make it difficult for them to simply copy your text and paste it where they want.
Thus a right blend of design elements makes a good web design. You can read more about web design basics from the blogs written by experts from web design Los Angeles companies.

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