Avoid annoying website designs

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Avoid annoying website designs

Post by Kepler on 2010-03-04, 07:08

If you examine a website closely you can notice a lot of factors in it. Certain websites make you happy as they are highly user friendly, whereas certain others make you irritated as they will have something that keeps annoying you. Hence while designing a website you has to make sure that the design won’t create an irritation in the mind of the users. To know about this you should know the targeted visitors and their needs, and the thought process that they will be having, while viewing a website. This will help you to know what they need and what can irritate them.

Check out the list given below. It has five main factors that can annoy an average visitor.
• Background music – Necessary only if you have a website related to music
• Huge as well as very small font size will irritate the users. So keep a normal tone.
• Layers that overlap – Don’t force the visitors to read your content.
• Unnecessary pop-up windows.

This list may vary from person to person. You may perhaps add more or take out something mentioned above. But making annoying designs will decrease the traffic of websites. Hence make sure that you create user friendly and simple websites.
Do a comprehensive study about the factors that can annoy your visitors, before finalizing your website design. You can even seek the help of an expert web designer.

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Re: Avoid annoying website designs

Post by aprillove20 on 2011-01-21, 08:30

A website is for informing website visitors what the website owner has to offer. It is not a testimony of the web designer's skills. That is what you should keep in mind if you do not want to have annoying website designs.


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