Adobe Fireworks CS3 Invisibility/Transparency

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Adobe Fireworks CS3 Invisibility/Transparency

Post by Mickey on 2009-11-27, 07:20


I'm having trouble adding an invisible background to my adobe fireworks CS3 3-frame animation. It's a short pixel art -- a forum award for a website that I'm currently working for.

Anyways, when I created the new project, I selected transparent as the background, having tried numerous different ways, and when I deleted anything, it came out transparent. I thought I'd found the problem, but I hadn't and still haven't.

Can anyone with experience with this software please help me?


PS. This is the image I'm trying to get it to work on:

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Re: Adobe Fireworks CS3 Invisibility/Transparency

Post by Admin on 2009-11-27, 14:20

When you start your project, you will need to set your canvas color (located at the bottom of the window) to transparent (looks like a white box with a red diagonal line through it). Then, the canvas will have a gray and white checkered pattern.


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