SioTM Rules

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SioTM Rules

Post by kewlkreator on 2009-11-06, 01:55

These are the rules for SioTM, Site of the month.
  • Please, 1 entry per user.
  • You may enter sites that are not yours.
  • All sites must be appropriate enough for a child to view
  • Please restrict sites to ones written in English
  • Remember to follow the theme

SioTM stands for Site of The Month. Each month, a web design moderator (me included) will create a pinned topic for all entries. In that same theme, the topic and a link to these rules will be added. Users will surf thew web trying to find good looking sites with the functionality (theme) said previously in the entries topic. At the last week of the month, the voting will begin in a seperate topic. Users will use a 1-2-3 voting scale, with 1 being the best site.

Please use this template when adding your entry:

[b]Site Title: [/b]INFO
[b]Site URL: [/b]INFO
[b]Other Comments: [/b]INFO


Site Title: INFO
Other Comments: INFO

Awards may be given at a later date.
Rules subject to change


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