HP invites you to touch its PCs

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HP invites you to touch its PCs

Post by Admin on 2009-10-16, 09:32

As part of its ongoing rollout of new PCs and laptops ahead of the Windows 7 launch next week and a presumed bump up in PC sales, Hewlett-Packard has announced another batch of new machines for consumers and corporates. The big push today is for relatively inexpensive touch screens for laptops and desktops and low-cost Compaq-branded PCs and laptops for consumers and small businesses.

HP says that it has worked to bring the cost of touch screen technology down so it can put it in more devices and charge less money for it. There are six new TouchSmart PCs being announced today for delivery on October 22, concurrent with Microsoft's launch of Windows 7.

More: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/10/13/hp_pc_fall_sequel/


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